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UVC Disinfection Devices

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UVC Cleaning Applications
  • Hospitals/Medical
  • Schools/Commercial
  • Home/Residential
  • Ambulance/Fire

Adopting UVC cleaning systems disinfection technology will compliment your existing workflow processes without requiring additional full-time employees. 


UVC Cleaning Systems allow your current staff to work smarter, not harder with easy to operate, tested and proven, medical grade, portable UVC disinfection device.

UVC Cleaning Systems M15 Antimicrobial Report
UVC Cleaning Systems M20 Antimicrobial Report

UVC SafeZone:

  • Cost Effective UVC Disinfection Tower

  • Reaches 8 foot radius/16 foot diameter

Creating a safer environment by eliminating harmful pathogens with a dose of high power UVC light. Designed to enhance your manual disinfection process to achieve an entirely new level of clean.

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UVC Tabletop Chamber.PNG

UVC Disinfection Chamber

Ideal for ID badges, mobile phones, radios, tablets, laptops, keypads, eyewear, shared staff devices, and more. 

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UVC Handcart & Casters

  • High powered UVC Disinfection Tower

  • Reaches 16 foot radius/32 foot diameter


UVC Cleaning Systems Inc. has developed one of the most efficient solutions for all infection control and has been specifically designed for the institutional environment with five (5) medical-grade casters to provide stability and ease of movement in any direction.

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UVD Robots: Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Robots

  • World's first fully autonomous mobile platform

  • Emits concentrated UV-C light onto high, medium and low touch surfaces

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi or pathogens

  • Moves position without human interaction, drastically reducing shadow areas

  • Inactivates any remaining pathogens after manual cleaning processes

  • Room disinfection time of 10-15 minutes

Download PDF for more info:

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