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Hospital Bed

Homelike Solutions

“Bringing the Look and Feel of Home to Healthcare”

Our Products

Our Products

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HomeLike Solutions assists senior care living communities and hospitals in trying to incorporate Nurse Call Light Sconces, UVC Products, and Umano Beds for added Safety while staying Homelike.
Our goal is to provide healthcare with innovative, cost effective products that will ultimately improve resident and patient satisfaction while creating a more home like atmosphere.

Umano Cocoon Beds

Umano Cocoon Beds are designed to effectively and efficiently maximize infection control and fall prevention while providing comfort and functionality for residents.

Nurse Call Light Sconces

Our sconces are designed to help communities get away from the hospital feel associated with a traditional call light and provide hallways with an updated and elegant look. 

UVC Robots

UVC Disinfection Robots are evidence-driven technology proven to significantly reduce bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other clinical pathogens in a single cycle.

Footwear Sanitation Station

The Footwear Sanitizing Station (FSS) is the first and only proactive disinfection solution that uses a patented combination of Ozone + UVC for superior disinfection results.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Created a More Homelike Environment in the Skilled Nursing Setting

Tampa, FL, September 2, 2017 – HomeLike Solutions, LLC, a provider of decorative nurse call light sconces, installed its decorative nurse call light sconces at Monte Vista Grove Homes (MVGH) in Pasadena, CA to help create a more homelike environment.

Case Study for
Homelike Solutions
UVC Cleaning Systems M15 Antimicrobial Report
Case Study: Room Decontamination with UV Radiation
UVC Cleaning Systems M20 Antimicrobial Report
Case Study: The History of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation for Air Disinfection
UV-C Light Statement Against Coronavirus

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Get started with making your community feel more at home.

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